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La Réunion

ZARGANO, la culture aux enfants

Isabelle CAMBOU
89, route des Goyaviers
97417 La Montagne

T. + 33 (0)2 62 23 63 66
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The association Zargano, culture to children works as joint committee of the operation "Passeurs d’images" since 2007, to which La Réunion is associated since 2001 (the operation was then called "Un été au ciné-Cinéville").

Zargano approaches image in various forms : Photography workshops using pinhole cameras, shadow puppets, animation films, “digital kits” : in the form of video workshops or stage positioning of the body via images and digital tools, organization of special open-air screenings, workshops on film history.

Since 2008, Zargano has intervened in jails and hospitals, as well as towards disabled people.

A project to implement the operation "Des Ciné, la vie !" (“Movies, Life !”) is under consideration with the local PJJ (Judicial Youth Protection) and the DRAC (Regional Bureau For Cultural Affairs).


The operation Passeurs d’images settled in La Réunion in 2000. Coordinated by the association Cinéfestival until 2003, then by the association La lanterne magique between 2004 and 2006, the partnership between the DRAC, the region, the department, the Departmental Bureau for Youth and Sports and the towns is an opportunity for publics of all ages to benefit from the actions of this operation.

La Réunion enthusiastically welcomes this operation aimed at fighting exclusions via cinema. These actions on film education, close to publics, enrich collective life and contribute to the region’s initiation to culture.

In 2007, Cinéville became Passeurs d’Images and changed its regional joint committee. At the request of the DRAC, the association Zargano took over and developed this operation in deprived neighbourhoods, aiming to implement extracurricular actions on film education, in partnership with local authorities and associations. Education and solidarity are the catchwords.

Passeurs d’images has its place in La Réunion, subject to local specificities, such as insularity, a cultural and geographical remoteness of the major city, ethnical and cultural diversity. Thanks to this operation, local councillors and people in charge of local associations and community centres, the general council, the region, the DDJS (Departmental Bureau for Youth and Sports), the DRAC, initiate a networking and a development of actions aimed at dynamising film practises, film readings and the production of documentaries, to ensure a need to remember.

This film and image education allows young people from La Réunion and to disabled publics to open to the world and to value their own identity.