Hey mum, tell me

Adolescents , Jeunes adultes
Anna Spohr : Film Factory
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Anna Spohr
Anna Spohr
Baarda Karina, Gillot Janine, Schoneville Corhilde, Mewissen Marianne, Walraven Marc, Swildens John

She will always forgive you Precenta tells the camera, Nisrin agrees with her, looking at her 8 brothers and sisters, and adds :
being a mother is really heavy, you should try it for a day!. Five girls share four cameras. For month, they've filmed and filtered through their mother's undreamt dreams and wishes. What was their life like when they were sixteen years old ? Could they also choose between a Moroccan, Surinam, Dutch or Turkish boy ? And who would encourage them to make choices regarding teir unique identity ? This film is an ode to all mothers.
mère, fille, identité culturelle, interculturel, adolescence, portrait
Yeff ! 2007 Paris