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FOL 57

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The Federation for Secular Works in Moselle (FOL 57) or more precisely (since it changed its name) the Ligue de l’enseignement, Fédération des Œuvres Laïques de la Moselle coordinates in Lorraine the operation Passeurs d’images since 1995 (formerly called "Un été au ciné-cinéville").

FOL 57 also develops its actions in Moselles through the coordination of operations on Film Education called "Collège au cinéma" (Secondary School at the movies) and "École et cinéma" (School and Cinema). It implements trainings for teachers in accordance with plans elaborated by the national education. It organizes the Cinema for Young People’s Fortnight called "Alonzanfan" in Moselle and has organized in partnership with Cité sociale de Fameck the “Fameck Arabic film Festival” for more than 20 years.


In 1992, the Lorraine region has enthusiastically welcomed the operation Passeurs d’Images. Back in 1995, the region wished to develop this operation within its territory and thus entrusted the Ligue de l’enseignement (League for Education) and FOL Moselle with its coordination, in order to complete and promote their actions based on Further Education and Film Education (with the help of the CRAVLOR : Regional Audiovisual Centre in Lorraine).

In 1997/1998, the Lorraine region wished to extend this operation to rural areas, notably via workshops and open-air film screenings. The General Council in Moselles became hence associated with this program. From 1999 on, the operation Passeurs d’Images has been permanently settled in the area and is therefore now programmed all year long, particularly during school holidays. This operation has always received the support of the DRAC (Regional Bureau for Cultural Affairs), in charge of the follow-up of the operations.

During the implementation of this operation, Cultural Democratisation was the region’s catch phrase since it always tried to present this operation to a very large public.

Attentive to young and less young people’s evolutions and practises, the region has also developed actions based on film education for adults, such as workshops on film directing, initiations to film directing techniques, film screenings organized in partnership with Les Restos du cœur...

Today, the Lorraine region is strongly involved in a real cross-border cooperation with the state of Saarland in Germany, and pursues its politics on film education, essential to the social and cultural development of the area.

The joint committee remains very attentive to young people’s evolutions and practises in order to present this operation in the most affordable and comprehensible possible way.