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Arcadi Ile-de-France (Regional Action for Artistic Creation and Broadcasting in Ile-de-France) is the public establishment of cultural cooperation for performing arts and films created on the region’s initiative, in partnership with the state DRAC (Regional Bureau for Artistic Affairs). Within the region, its mission is to inform and advise, support creation, improve the circulation of artistic works, participate in the development of artistic actions and to contribute to cultural observation. It intervenes in different fields : theatre, opera, songs, dance and images (multimedia and film literacy).

This establishment acts as the regional operator of the national and interdepartmental operation called Passeurs d’Images. Its main mission consists in being the “Resource Centre” of the operation. Thus, it must be proactive and establish a project dynamics aimed at the whole regional network (town services as part of the Urban Policy, Youth or Culture, cinemas, sociocultural structures, associations). Since 2003, all implemented actions are federated by a common theme : Memory and Films.


Experimented for the first time in 1994 in Ile-de-France, the operation Un été au ciné has known many evolutions and propositions : price policies for people under 25 and for those with discount coupons, workshops on “Special effects, camera obscura, memory, museum or comics ", double feature open-air screenings, thematic special screenings... Numerous structures (Acrif, Uffej, Kyrnéa, Thécif...) followed one another in order to work on this vast and complex territory composed of many people and districts. Ile-de-France was the benchmark for the annual and national development of cinéville, then of Passeurs d’images.

Since 2003, the regional operation, whose operator is Arcadi Ile-de-France (EPCC), has implemented a project whose aim is to meet the specificities of the capital region in terms of publics and territories. Gathering people around a common project, such as cinema owners, elected officials, social and cultural players and project owners working for the urban policy, the operation is the opportunity to have a capitalization of actions and to teach transversality.

Arcadi Ile-de-France proposed to federate all implemented actions (open-air special screenings, Film practise workshops) around a strong and meaningful theme, thus ensuring the operation’s coherence and readability : “Memory and Films”.

Two-year cycles were thus proposed, addressing different aspects of this very large theme : people’s memory, memory of urban places, memory and portrayal of work ...

Each concerned town or Parisian site materializes its partnership to the committee through a contractualization (outline agreement or convention) in order to financially support the action’s three constituents over a 2-year period and to give the operation a territorially homogenous structure.