Aims and publics

Implemented in 2006, "Des cinés, la vie !" (“Cinemas, Life !”) is an initiative designed to increase awareness of images and aimed at young people taken in charge by Youth Legal Protection Services.

During several months, young people, supervised by educators and film professionals, watch a selection of films and discuss them. Young people then votes for their favourite film. These votes give rise to the award “"Des cinés, la vie !". Young people award the director of the selected film during a special day spent at the Cinémathèque française.

Objectives of the initiative

Affiche "Des cinés, la vie !"

  • To exchange, provoke an argued discussion, a debate between young spectators and their supervisors, on the addressed theme or on the form chosen by the director.
  • To value young people and give them a sense of responsibility through an individual vote, which reflects their tastes, but that must also lead them to “reflect” on the film, to understand its main aspects, to go beyond the mere fact of being entertained and to comprehend the meaning of the work.
  • To teach young people how to have a critical approach to an art which their are often familiar with.
  • To enlarge, if need be, their knowledge on cinema, its techniques, its trends… Contribution from film and culture professionals will then be effectively sought.

Many educative services have already implemented initiation modules on cinema and video. The initiative “Des cinés, la vie !” is an extension of these initiatives. In addition to the abovementioned objectives, the initiative can also encourage educational services to reflect on the relation between young people and cinema, and more generally images. It supports any attempt to reflect on how to help welcomed publics to approach this omnipresent, often trivialized and at times powerful medium.


All young people under or above 18 taken in charge by all services of Youth Legal Protection can participate in the initiative “Des cinés, la vie !” :

  • Services and institutions from the public sector of the Youth Legal Protection and of the authorized voluntary sector :
    • Educational and Territorial Services in open setting
    • Educational and Territorial Integration Services
    • Educational Placement Institutions
    • Unopened Educational Centres, Reinforced Educational Centres
    • Educational Services intervening in the districts of young people under 18 in House of Correction and educational services of Juvenile Prisons.
  • Initiatives-intermediaries founded on the partnership PJJ (Youth Legal Protection) – National Education

N.B. : Several structures or units can come together in order to organise joint screenings or debates. Nonetheless, each one of these structures or units must first register individually to the initiative by returning the appropriate form.