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2008 // 6th Forum Passeurs d’images - REJI

The European Forum For Youth and Images have hosted the Forum Passeurs d’images 2008 in the form of a European dialogue entitled “Adolescence & images”.

Projections of professional feature films and exchanges between directors and the public (20th November until 6th December)

During the two-week forum, projections of professional films from 21 different European countries took place in nine centres and Europeans cultural institutes, in the cinema Entrepôt, in the Paris city hall, as well as in the International University for Arts in Paris.

The objectives

  • To show a program of European films (in original version with subtitles) aimed at teenagers but also at an adult public ;
  • to promote the theme of intercultural dialogue ;
  • to have publics, directors and youth meet.

A tour of Europe in Paris

Each evening, a different program, built in partnership with foreign cultural centres and different Parisian embassies. The selection of feature films promoted European film diversity and was an opportunity to discover other cultures via films.

Four major themes characterised this programming :

  • A dialogue between cultures ;
  • Family and friendship ;
  • Adolescence ;
  • Society and its divides.

Professional conferences-debates on the subject of “Adolescence & images” (26th, 27th and 28th November, Grand amphitheatre of MGEN)

These forums on the subject of “adolescence and image” were an opportunity to gather numerous European image literacy professionals during conferences-debates where the aim was to reflect upon and to discuss different practises, to create connections and develop partnerships.

  • Is there a common way to look at image literacy in Europe ?
  • Image literacy players in Europe. What common points ?
  • Image literacy and publics with difficulties : what projects, which methods ?
  • How can images be a vehicle of intercultural dialogue ?
  • The expression of European Youth through images : creation, communication, and information ?
  • European youth, image and new technologies : what future ?

Lecturers : National Film and Television Centres, European institutions, national Institutions, Territorial authorities, Foundations and financing structures, Social and charity associations, Professional film and Television Associations, searchers, directors, Adult and Youth Education Associations, etc.

Projections of workshop films directed by young amateur European directors and forums (28th, 29th and 30th November)

  • Projections and presentations of films directed by young amateur directors, selected after a call for films ;
  • exchanges between European teenagers ;
  • exchanges between European teenagers and image literacy professionals ;
  • practises pooling.

Debates in the presence of professional directors about several themes

  • My history, my roots
  • The world around us
  • The assertion of one’s identity
  • Discriminations
  • Identity : me and the others
  • What I am
  • Sign of the times

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