Passeurs d’images

Access to image for populations in difficulties

Launched in 1991 by the National Centre for Film and Animation as part of the Urban Policy, Passeurs d’images (formerly called "cinéville-un été au ciné") is an extracurricular inter-ministerial operation centred on Image Literacy whose goal is to favour the access for populations in difficulties (Urban areas, prisons, hospitals…) to film and audio-visual works and practises.

It pursues a triple objective :

  • cultural, through a support and encouragement of films ;
  • social, through the organisation of quality events and actions ;
  • educational, through sensitization and initiation to images analysis and practise.

The objective is to enable anyone to discover and interpret film works through comprehension and analysis tools on a cultural and artistic level.

Passeurs d’images defends a certain portrayal of urban areas, a value of image literacy in social and cultural terms, and it is involved for the future in a will to develop regional, national, European and international networks.

A national network

The operation is part of a draft agreement signed between :

  • The Ministry of Culture and Communication – National Centre for Film and Animation (CNC) – Commission for Development and International Action – General Secretariat (DDAI-SG MCC) ;
  • The General Secretariat for Urban and Social Development (SG CIV) ;
  • The National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities (ACSÉ) ;
  • The High-Commissioner of Youth.

Passeurs d’images benefits from the collaboration from film professionals, as well as many partner associations and from the active participation of semi-autonomous regions. Different sorts of partnerships on a national, regional and local level are implemented, linking different networks of institutional, social and cultural players.

A network of local, regional and national intermediaries, coordinates the efforts of cinemas, cultural structures, Youth and Urban centres, public services, communities, professional operators, associations, further education federations, State services and political local officials, etc.

Projects are conducted at a local level with the backing of regional joint committees. Almost 500 towns and town communities, 2000 partners (including 300 cinemas) take part in more than 2000 actions that reach more than 250,000 participants.

  • 1,200 screenings (a day or an evening centred on a film or a theme, moderated by the director or a specialised lecturer) and open-air screenings (projections of mass-market films on a big screen, convivial and family-oriented)).
  • 450 practise workshops (supervised by professionals, which enable anyone to combine imagination, creativity and image analysis).
  • 50,000 discount film checks available in more than 170 cinemas (the “reduced fares” are used differently in each region. All year long and during specific times, according to movies and projects, attached to the other constituents or to existing actions, reduced fares enable a better follow-up of targeted publics).
  • Almost 50 training actions (trainings and/or sensitisation of moderators, public and partner intermediaries) and more than 100 other innovating actions (exchange about a workshop film, international exchanges…)

The actions

To discover together or to show films means to bring knowledge to young publics about a film or a director during numerous forums between them and artists (special screenings, open-air projections, special prices…)

To do means to organise practise workshops. A professional enrolled in a creative approach, bringing participants to a real creative work, supervises them. Movies are available for consultation online, and selections are available on DVD.

To share means to multiply forums between participants and professionals, on a local, regional and national level, in order to talk about the achievements of the operation. It is a time for exchange, a way to promote reflections, to move forward and to think of new approaches.

To know more about the operation
Contacts of regional joint committees

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