YEFF ! 2011 Ljubljana

Episode 3 : Last days in Ljubljana

The films made by international groups of youngsters are now completed.
Time for the last screening with the directors presenting their films. More than 3 hours of open air screenings, but we did not see the time passing by !
Congratulations to the young directors, editors, boom operators & actors. Back to France now, full of good memories of beautiful encounters & cinema experiments.
See you in 2 years time for YEFF ! 2013 !

JPEG - 41.3 ko
Marie from France - Grenoble
JPEG - 33.2 ko
Marie & Gerlando, shooting their film at the African restaurant (Thanks to Romain for the sound)
JPEG - 19.3 ko
One of the key scenes in the documentary : tasting the Mango Chicken dish
JPEG - 27.6 ko
Dzeni, from DZMP, interviewed during the conference on "inclusion of vulnerable social groups through media
JPEG - 24.1 ko
Sculpture made by the BITI group, with recycled bicycles
JPEG - 32.8 ko
Manue & Damien (from France) editing
JPEG - 42 ko
A Coup de pouce show, from Ljubljana, with Sofiane as the journalist, Tom answering his questions, & Mostafa filming, accommpagnied by Gerlando, Marie & Manue
JPEG - 28.1 ko
Our nice hosts : Tom & Dzeni from DZMP (Krsko, Slovenia)
JPEG - 34.3 ko
Last open air screening (all the films made during the week)
JPEG - 29.3 ko
Manue & Damien shooting with the help of François (Kyrnéa)
JPEG - 38.1 ko
Last open air screening
JPEG - 31.9 ko
Members of the Holland team present one of their films, with one of the protagonists (a former Slovene director)
JPEG - 26.5 ko
Sofiane, Mostafa & the actress Francesca, presenting their film made during the week
JPEG - 33 ko
Gerlando & Marie present their documentary on the Africain restaurant
JPEG - 21.7 ko
Manue & Damien present their docu-fiction on a bridge in Ljubljana (some locks are hooked all along..)

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Episode 2 : One week already

One week since our arrival to Ljubljana.
Now that the screening of our workmates’ films are over, it is time for the intercultural exchange eventings (bosnian, slovenian, serbian) with the showing of the film and theater productions of the other group present (BITI, not YEFF !).
The film shooting between YEFF (participants) are in their last stage, editing starts !
Tiredness appears but concentration’s still on the films’ finalization. Final screenings are on monday evening !
A bit of rain has replaced the strong sun (no regrets of staying inside, in the editing room).
To be continued for the final screenings of this week’s productions.

JPEG - 18.3 ko
Marie (Rhône Alpes) presents her Passeurs d’images’ film
JPEG - 11 ko
Emmanuelle et Damien (Bourgogne) presents their Passeurs d’images’ film
JPEG - 12.9 ko
Mostafa (PACA) presents his Passeurs d’images’ film
JPEG - 24.3 ko
JPEG - 22.3 ko
Shooting at THE african restaurant of Ljubljana
JPEG - 14.2 ko
And now... film editing !
JPEG - 14.2 ko
Conference about "the inclusion of vulnerable social groups by media and cinema". Passeurs d’images presents it’s network and actions

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Episode 1 : First week-end in Ljubljana for the french team

Programme of the First week-end in Slovenia : visiting Ljubljana, getting of our bearings at our housing and workshop places, sorting out the themes for our group films, meeting our workmates, watching the films they have made in their home countries before coming, and making the most of summer warmth and practicing of our foreign languages. To be continued for the next episodes !

JPEG - 22.1 ko
Open air workshop screenings
JPEG - 36.4 ko
Discovery of artistic alternative squat
JPEG - 27.9 ko
Former bicycle factory turned into artistic squat
JPEG - 21.2 ko
Cave visit outside Ljubljana
JPEG - 25.5 ko
Street art in city center
JPEG - 18.4 ko
City center
JPEG - 28.6 ko
YEFF ! 2011 group - first night. French team in the foreground
JPEG - 30.7 ko
Getting ready for the open air screenings (net screen)
JPEG - 21.6 ko
Exploring the historic city center
JPEG - 13.2 ko
Visit of "intermittent lake"
JPEG - 31.3 ko
French team all present : Mouss has arrived !
JPEG - 32.3 ko
Metelkova, artistic alternative squat
JPEG - 21.4 ko
Introduction of the Slovenian team

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